Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Great Debate of The East Terrace

So it is understood that although the east terrace is original, the obtrusive covering is not. It was installed in a rather shoddy way which has caused problems for the restoration crew.
When it was pulled off it was found that just about the only thing holding it all up were a few nails. Boards were cut short and did not extend far enough in to offer proper support and rotting wood was found. In the picture of where the covering is removed you will see a red metal post. The crew put that there to support the corner while they work on that portion of the restoration. It is great to see it off.

In case you are wondering, there is a drain in the floor for water.

You will note the blue tarp.... from that corner back along the north face of that overhang it was closed off. Furthering issues with rain water pooling up and seeping in. That will be restored to it's original condition as well.

The stacks on the roof are insulation sheets. They are putting down 2 layers to increase the R value then covering with the Firestone roof.

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