Friday, March 24, 2017

It Was Almost Lost....

 The Eppstein saga continues. Someday it may be the most famous of all Frank Lloyd Wrights designs...... yeah..... probably not, but perhaps this will help both it and The Acres to become a little more well known.
 At one time the Eppstein (designed by Wright) and Fonken (designed by Taliesin student Francis Wilsey) homes were so far gone it seemed that they would never be able to come back from the edge of destruction. They sat empty for years and the weather was taking its toll and then some. It was such a sad thing to see. I can remember passing by them a few times a week and wondering how they could have ever made it to this level. They were pretty much abandoned. I know the owner of the Eppstein had a desire to bring it back to life but life itself sort of got in the way and as time passed by it seemed it was harder and harder to get to the house. Things tend to compound and costs to repair quickly soar to almost unimaginable levels.

 Today is a new day. The new owners are bringing the homes back to life and it seems as though all of the owners at The Acres are doing things to the homes that have been long overdue. The Acres are heading into great times and I think that as more people see what is going on there, its true potential will come out.
Here are a couple of pics of the Fonken and Eppstein homes from a few years ago and then a couple from 2015.
You will also see a couple of photos of the work going on inside the Epstein house. They are not that much different than the last post. The larger post with more photos is still being worked on. The home is going to be fantastic when it is finished, which should be soon.
Fonken 2011

Fonken 2015
Eppstein 2012

Eppstein 2015

Eppstein Family Room

Eppstein Bathroom

Eppstein General Purpose Room/Temporary Cabinet Shop

Eppstein Bedroom. Bath on L, Laundry & Master Straight Ahead

Sunday, March 5, 2017

It Wasn't Even Close To 90% Finished.....

So early on in this endeavor I made a statement in the marketing of the home that it was approximately 90% finished. That info was thought to be accurate based on what other prospective buyers and the seller had obtained estimates for. The new owner stated early on that they disagreed with my statement. I figured opinions differ but I was certain that I was correct. It's all relative to ones perspective of what needed to be done. All of the others felt that it needed the boiler addressed and some things with the kitchen and perhaps down the road the floors. Some of the walls could be refinished but for the most part it was within 10% of being put into a condition deemed fit for living in.
Well.... I didn't see this coming. The new owners have done what you see in the previous couple of posts and more. I can see exactly why they felt it was not 90% finished or even 75% finished. Maybe 50% at best.
The work that is going on in the house right now is far beyond what anyone else had even considered doing. I cannot say just yet what the final condition will be but I would venture to guess it will be in excellent condition. It is very pleasing to see this all happening.
Some of this will be redundant but..... the cement slab was removed and a new one poured that has the floor coloring in it. Really stands out and was an awesome idea. The entire boiler system is new, not just the boiler for the general purpose room which is what others were concerned with but the main boiler is a small wall mount propane unit that feeds the entire home. The oil tank was dug up and hauled away and then a propane tank was buried. The entire electric panel in the boiler room is also new.
Open the door to the home and you will see that the blocks have a nice uniform appearance. They have been stained and it is very impressive.  Look in the interior electric closet and you will see that it has been gutted and that the wires are cut and things are being prepped for new wiring.
There is so much going inside that it would be hard for many people to envision the finished product. There is sawdust in just about every room and lots of plastic tarps wrapped around items. There are walls that have been removed and the only thing left in either bathroom is the master baths toilet and bathtub. Everything else is gone. The second bedroom has no closet and the wall to the laundry area is gone. On down the hall there are new doors on closets and they look fantastic. Get into the General Purpose room and it's like WTH? In the middle of all if this chaos you see a new bathroom vanity being custom built to match the original. There are even hand written notes and sketches of the new vanity laying there. Not a single room is untouched. Of course the pool, deck and shed that you could see from the General Purpose room are long gone too.

If you walk into the home it is a little overwhelming. It's like a tornado went thru the inside of the home. So many things going on and all of it is coming together very well.
There are more photos coming soon as I have a new professional photographer taking photos of the interior for the next update. Very exciting stuff and so glad to see it.

The Master Bathroom

Looking thru what was the closet you can see what was the laundry room.

Vanity Plans

Vanity under construction and new doors

The electric panel has been removed.

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