Friday, March 24, 2017

It Was Almost Lost....

 The Eppstein saga continues. Someday it may be the most famous of all Frank Lloyd Wrights designs...... yeah..... probably not, but perhaps this will help both it and The Acres to become a little more well known.
 At one time the Eppstein (designed by Wright) and Fonken (designed by Taliesin student Francis Wilsey) homes were so far gone it seemed that they would never be able to come back from the edge of destruction. They sat empty for years and the weather was taking its toll and then some. It was such a sad thing to see. I can remember passing by them a few times a week and wondering how they could have ever made it to this level. They were pretty much abandoned. I know the owner of the Eppstein had a desire to bring it back to life but life itself sort of got in the way and as time passed by it seemed it was harder and harder to get to the house. Things tend to compound and costs to repair quickly soar to almost unimaginable levels.

 Today is a new day. The new owners are bringing the homes back to life and it seems as though all of the owners at The Acres are doing things to the homes that have been long overdue. The Acres are heading into great times and I think that as more people see what is going on there, its true potential will come out.
Here are a couple of pics of the Fonken and Eppstein homes from a few years ago and then a couple from 2015.
You will also see a couple of photos of the work going on inside the Epstein house. They are not that much different than the last post. The larger post with more photos is still being worked on. The home is going to be fantastic when it is finished, which should be soon.
Fonken 2011

Fonken 2015
Eppstein 2012

Eppstein 2015

Eppstein Family Room

Eppstein Bathroom

Eppstein General Purpose Room/Temporary Cabinet Shop

Eppstein Bedroom. Bath on L, Laundry & Master Straight Ahead

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