Wednesday, December 21, 2016

You Have To Break A Few Eggs... To Make An Omelet!

You have to scramble them too, so do not be shocked when you see the photos of the current phase of the restoration. It is reminiscent of the way things looked a couple of years ago but there is much happening inside now. As previously mentioned the home is being re-wired. Along with that the doors and walls are being refinished and or replaced and a closet or two has been removed. It is my understanding that they are being rebuilt.
Right now the biggest challenge is in the electrical replacement. Not easy says the electrician, but it is getting done. The carpenter is steadily making progress and I noticed a lot of new wood stacked in the hallway. The new exterior basement door is installed and with the snow covering the ground, the pool is a distant memory. Overall there remains a good amount of work to be done and I will do what I can do update at a level that will show the process.

Master bedroom looking North East

Master bedroom

East exterior door from laundry room

Bedroom 2 minus a closet

Bedroom 3

General Purpose room looking East

General Purpose room looking South

Bedroom 3

Main entry closet

West side of dining area

Kitchen looking West

At the end of the driveway, bushes are long gone.

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