Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Electrical Systems, Boilers and Carports....Oh My!

The project is moving right along. The new cellar doors are ready to instal, the pool is completely gone, the new boiler is installed and the old one disposed of. Also, the new carport slab is poured and it was colored red to match the interior floors. They removed the shrubs along the drive widening it in the process and they redefined the end of the drive. As for the new boiler, it is a high efficiency wall mount propane fired boiler system with a buried propane tank. They also have completely removed the second boiler system from the General Purpose room and the new boiler heats the entire home now. The much need electrical upgrade is underway and the new main panel is located in the main boiler room. The main boiler room has always had 3 pull chain lights in it so with the electrical upgrade it is nice to see a light switch that works all of the lights. It was always a bit awkward going around the corner, into the dark, to pull a cord for the light.
 Can't wait to do the update for the interior next week. You will love the finishings they have added.

Where the pool, fence, shed and wooden deck used to be!

The new cellar doors ready to be installed. The new door is already on.

The new carport cement slab.

The new boiler system! No more oil.

The new piping and where the old boiler used to be.

The new electrical upgrade! Soon to have the whole house re-wired.

Gone are the shrubs!

Defined parking area.

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