Thursday, October 27, 2016

Add A Chair....... Remove A Pool

The Chairs!
The pool and chain fence are going away.... for good.
Up comes the cement
So a progress report and then the story of the chairs.
The main boiler system has been removed along with the oil tank and the defunct boiler for the general purpose room. In its place a wall mounted boiler, fired by a buried propane tank was installed. It will also provide on demand hot water for the rest of the home. A pipe was buried that will pump water to the General Purpose rooms baseboard heaters. Beyond that, the pool and chain link fence are being demolished and should be wrapped up soon. The carport cement was removed and a new cement pad will be poured with a coloring to it that will go well with the cement block coloring. The dreadful sliding doors off the laundry room to the pool area will be removed today and new mahogany door will be put in, as it was originally. That will be a great thing. 
It is good to see so much going on and to hear of what is to come. 

Now for the chairs. When Mrs. Eppstein left the home she took some furniture with her which included the dining room chairs. Forty-five or so years later, the new owners walk into a consignment shop in Kalamazoo. They see four chairs for sale for $125 and decide they should go well with the home. So they buy them and take them home. Fast forward a few weeks and one of the Eppstein children comes to the home for a pre-arrange visit. She walks in and asks "Where did you get moms chairs?" Yeah, it was like that. turns out that though they were the chairs that Mrs. Eppstein owned... they are not the original chairs that went with the home. Mrs. Eppstein purchased them after she moved out of the home. Thanks to Maggie Eppstein for the that clarification. It is still incredible that they purchased the chairs that once belonged to the owner.
That is the story albeit it short.


  1. Its a great story, but actually, those teak dining chairs were part of set that Mom bought in a moving sale AFTER she have moved out of the Acres house. I.e., those are not the original chairs we had when we lived there. Its great to see the house being restored! Maggie Eppstein (youngest child of Sam and Dorothy).

  2. Thank you for that clarification Maggie. I have made a slight edit to the article to reflect that. If you would like to email me it would be great to run some questions by you to make sure the info is as accurate as possible.


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