Thursday, July 28, 2016

SOLD! To The Lovely Couple From Canada..... Eh?

Well it was a great adventure that came to an end on Tuesday morning. The new owners took possession of the Eppstein Residence. It is a great thing that one of the daughters of Eppstein contacted me to make contact with the new owners. They have several photos and other things that they would like to pass onto to them.
 SO whats next? Well.... they new owner plans on doing a complete restoration over the next year. I have talked with them and will have a photographer take photos and videos of the work to document it.
I am happy to do so and was actually sad on Tuesday morning, even though it closed, thinking that my time at The Acres was finished.
Will we change the blog name or clear out the old posts? I doubt it. Though I may never become one of the literary greats, or even a foot note in the literary world, I think it is good to have the full story.
This is to be continued....................

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