Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Getting Closer To The Finish Line

When you pull up to the Eppstein house today you can see the finished work of some things and the ongoing work of others. If you had not walked thru the house a number of times a year or so ago then it probably just looks like a construction zone. The one things that stands out is that the new owners were certainly the "wright" purchasers. They are doing things to the home that no other potential buyer even discussed doing and they are doing it "wright".
When I stopped by yesterday I could see that all of the windows have been replaced. The A/C units are installed inside and the main unit was being installed. The bathroom floor is in and the entire exterior has been stained. The new roof is also completed. I won't go into too much detail on that but the company that did the initial roof replacement with the Firestone EPDM, did add extra insulation but did not taper anything to allow for proper drainage so there were large pools of water after moderate rains. The new owners had another company come in and fix it.
The cement patio off the front of the living room was cracked so they had it removed and then re-poured a new slab. When they did this they extended the slab by a couple of feet. It is a far more usable space now. They are also putting in a cement slab were the very northwest corner of the pool was and this will be where the main a/c unit is located.
There is still much to do but, it won't be long now.
Bathroom Floor

Master Bedroom A/C Unit

New Bathroom Ceiling

Location Of New Patio & Main A/C Unit

New Front Patio

Driveway Parking Area. (they were buried for 30 years)


  1. What an amazing blog and project! Found you via the NYTimes. I'm an architect with a historic restoration background and a love of neo-organic modernism and so this is just a perfect lot of reading on a rainy day. Looking forward to more.

    1. Thank you very much. Will have a new update over the weekend.


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