Thursday, September 7, 2017

All That Is Changing.......

The continued work at the Eppstein is really taking shape now. All of the windows have been replaced, the a/c unit is installed, the patio is almost finished, the bathroom is heading into the finishing stage, the landscaping is underway and the floors are being fixed.
 The colored layer of the interior floors is being chiseled out by hand. An arduous task to say the least. Of course once that is finished and a few other things, a new layer of color will be poured.
The carpenter is doing an a fantastic job that shows when you see the work in person, especially in the laundry room and bathroom.
Things should move along pretty quickly now with a lot of trim work being created and readied for installation.
One aspect of this restoration that no one else had even discussed, aside from removing the pool, is the landscaping. As a matter of fact, no other home at The Acres has any sort of landscaping beyond grass and a few shrubs. At least nothing that catches anyones attention. Now at the Eppstein, the landscaping taking place is going to be as much a piece of art as is the home. Don't let that big a/c unit distract you. It is whisper quiet and will be covered on 2 sides by a bench and in the back by decorative bushes.

When you pull into The Acres you are greeted by the Pratt house on the right and the Eppstein straight ahead. It is actually the focal point of the drive in. The Fonken is on the left but sets far back into the woods so is often hard to see. The Meyer house is on the hill up beyond the Eppstein same as the Weisblat house so neither can be seen until you drive past the Eppstein house. That pretty much means that the Eppstein and Pratt homes set the tone for any visitor to The Acres. The owner of the Pratt house has taken very good care it and is always making sure that it is looking its best. So contrast that to what was the home in the worst condition, which you will look at the entire time you drive in and while you drive out then it's pretty much the last home you see in the rearview mirror as you exit. It tended to make you leave feeling sorry for the place. But all that is changing.....
I can assure you that the Eppstein, which was once the biggest eye sore of any Frank Lloyd Wright home in Kalamazoo County, will be one of the most attractive girls at the dance when finished. Both inside and out.
New laundry room basin and walls

Laundry room
New Steps out side of laundry room and patio 

View from bottom of steps (above photo)
The A/C Unit & New Patio
Looking North Towards The Valley
The Terrace Makeover
This is a new feature
Plants to come soon
 Color Layer Removed
What it looks like when being removed
All new woodwork in bathroom
Access Panels (skilled carpentry)
The new shower. Almost finished.
Main living room a/c unit custom ordered to match walls
The hallway looking towards basement


  1. Wonderful work. I love seeing how thoroughly the new owners are in renewing every piece of this house. Can't wait to see that landscaping you described.


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