Friday, December 1, 2017

All Good Things Must Come To An End........

Even Project Eppstein. On November 7th, 2017 a post will be made here with lots and lots of pictures and information detailing the amount of work that went into the Eppstein Residence. I will cover as much as possible about the many updates, repairs and the trials and tribulations that the new owners have gone thru. It has been a long journey and a good one. In the end the new owners will have cemented their names in the history of The Acres and the Eppstein Residence.
As of today the only work that remains is cleaning, installing furniture, artwork and curtains.
The new owners have purchased so many books that will compliment the home and fill its shelves for years to come and the picked up a vintage stove from the era that is a great looking addition to kitchen. Stay tuned..... the end is nigh.

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