Friday, December 8, 2017

The Finished Product

Here are a good number of photos that show the finished interior of the Eppstein residence. It looks like one last post will be necessary as there is a lot of information to share and it takes time to gather it all. Look forward to seeing the Eppstein residence in an upcoming issue of the Wall Street Journal.
Well, it was a great journey and though it seems like it may be coming to an end.... this is just the beginning. The restoration is ending but the new life that has been breathed in to the home is going to live on for a very long time.
One interesting thing you will see is very large painting. The owners commissioned the artist to make this painting for the home.
I should also mention that you will be able to find the home on airbnb, so if you would like to stay there for a few nights or longer then check it out Eppstein on AirBnB
On Dec. 7th a professional photographer came in and took about 700 photos. Yes, seven hundred.
These photos you are about to see here are were not taken by a professional photographer. Just thought I should disclose that. Here you go.

New Floor in the New Master Bedroom

The old master bedroom (pic1)


Pic 3



Bedroom #3

Bedroom #3

Looking Down the hallway from the entry

New Master Bedroom

New Master

New Master bath (original 2nd bath)

New masterbath shower

New masterbath ceilings (mahogany)

New masterbath (original vent fan)

New masterbath (oringal 2nd bath)

Masterbath floor.

Access panel for masterbath shower

Old masterbath

Laundry room. New door. (replaced sliding door)

New laundry "old" laundry room

Bedroom #2 with day bed

The general purpose room

general purpose room

Hallway looking towards entry

general purpose room

general purpose room

general purpose room

general purpose room

general purpose room

new "old" stove in kitchen



from kitchen looking into dining area

living room couch with new upholstery 

living room

living room

living room 

commissioned artwork

dining area

living room

living room

living room

living room looking towards entry

living room

lining room/dining area

In entryway looking towards living room


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